IMG_0202.jpegAbout two years ago, I was feeling quite burnt out for a number of reasons, so I undertook an idea called “un-goaling”, which essentially meant I took a year to set no goals, and just to pursue things that brought me joy without expectation of achievement. That year, I also lost a friend, which propelled me to keenly feel that leaving the most important dreams until last was unwise. That journey brought me to the Children’s Book Academy, and with a few courses under my belt, I netted a book contract for my first picture book!

It also led to my husband and I taking a life-long-held dream (63 years total!) to travel to Egypt and take in the ancient wonders. It was the most extraordinary trip, and I know we will go back, and that Egypt will continue to fund my imagination for the rest of my life!

I always thought I’d just take a year to un-goal, but 2018 came with new challenges, and I felt strongly that I needed to go gently and work on being self-compassionate.

This year, I feel ready to challenge myself again. I feel a sense of drive and a desire to focus on creative endeavours and to Get Things Done.

And so, in six months, I intend to have a much clearer plan of where I want writing to take me, as well as better writing and creative practices that are sustainable and keep me going. I’m excited to get started!

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